Mr. & Mrs. Claus

For over 20 years Black Hills Santa and Mrs. Claus have brightened the Christmas season for families, youth organizations, businesses, schools, libraries, and U.S. Army units across the United States. They believe it to be very important that each person they visit with feel they have spent a magical time with the one and only Santa and Mrs. Claus. Professionalism and quality shine through in their outfits, demeanor, and passion for Christmas. 

The Guy Behind the Beard

 "I don't 'play Santa'. When I put on the red suit I am Santa Claus"-Black Hills Santa

At 3 years old, Black Hills Santa (Jason Yeary) visited Santa at Santa Claus Land, beginning  a passion for 

Christmas and Santa. At 16, Jason portrayed Santa for the daughter of a friend deployed in the First Gulf War. Once he became a father, Jason began to regularly portray Santa for his children and other young family members before portraying Santa for the United States  Army, public libraries, and businesses.   Jason has a keen attention to detail and vast  knowledge of the Santa Claus legend, St. Nicholas, and Christmas traditions. The twinkle in his blue eyes and warm smile conveys the universal Santa image.  Jason is a member of  ClausNet, a professional Santa community, where in October 2019 Jason was selected as "Member of the Month". He holds an Associates of Santa Claus (International University of Santa Claus), and various graduate degrees from Liberty Univ., Regent Univ. School of Law, and Anna Maria College, and is fluent in ASL.






The Lady Behind the Guy with the Beard

Mrs. Claus (Nicole) met Santa in high school and 30 years later, she keeps everything working properly at the North

 Pole. She has served as a Girl Scout leader and is always helping out others, like assisting at the Piedmont Library

setting up angel trees in Black Hills communities in December. The twinkle in her eye and warm smile conveys the Mrs. Claus portrayal everyone expects. Mrs. Claus keeps  extra busy raising three kids, conducting homeschooling lessons, and managing the home. For those military families, Mrs. C knows the whole family serves our nation when a loved one is  deployed, especially at Christmas. Mrs. Claus has Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Indiana. Santa and Mrs. C’s experience in working with children greatly benefits when they visit with families.

Black Hills Santa
Black Hills Santa
Mrs Claus
Black Hills Santa, Mrs C

"The most professional and authentic Santa I've ever had the pleasure of ...experiencing. The kids love him, even the older and more skeptical ones, and...the adults get drawn into the magic!"-Megan E.