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"They err who think Santa Claus

enters through  the chimney.

He enters through the heart."

  -Charles W. Howard


Days to Christmas

For over 20 years Black Hills Santa has brought the magic and wonderment of Christmas to life for children and families in homes, businesses, schools, and military units across the United States.  

Black Hills Santa is the traditional, authentic Santa you know, adore, and desire for your event.

Santa is available for events throughout the year and Mrs. Claus is always glad to accompany her Santa!




What's the difference between Black Hills Santa and a guy in a cheap or rented Santa suit? The answer is: Authenticity. Black Hills Santa's faithfulness to the classic Santa Claus legend is recognizable with his professional training, knowledge, and custom outfits adorned with gold buttons and trim, leather boots and belt.

And, the twinkle in his blue eyes and warm smile conveys the universal Santa image.



Whatever your need for a Santa, an appearance by Black Hills Santa will exceed your expectations with professionalism, attention to detail, and a love for Christmas and the Santa Claus legend. 

Black Hills Santa is the authentic Santa that makes the magic of Christmas come alive for children young and old.

Don't leave the success of your holiday event to an inexperienced guy in a rented suit. 



This year, let Black Hills Santa deliver a magical and memorable Christmas for your family, friends, and guests.

Black Hills Santa is a graduate of Santa School, holds a federal and local background check, is insured, and ASL fluent.

Black Hills Santa, Rapid City Santa
Black Hills Santa clients

                                                                                    Some of Santa's Clients:
 The United States Army      The Girl Scouts of America             Remax of Rapid City       
Arrowhead Golf Club                            Prima Dance Studio                       Corral Drive Elementary
 Black Hills Energy                Rushmore Family Chiropractic          City of Box Elder, SD  Piedmont Valley Chamber of Commerce                                    Picture Perfect Photography
                                                                                 Piedmont Valley Library

"I don't 'play Santa'. When I put on the red suit I am Santa Claus"-Black Hills Santa