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Black Hills Santa
Black Hills Santa
Black Hills Santa

Photography Sessions  

As a photographer, you are in the business of capturing  memories, moments in time. You have  a set time of availability and all needs to go well.  You need a partner who can help you capture those moments in time for customers who desire authenticity, creativity, and genuineness. Black Hills Santa and Mrs. Claus have worked with numerous photographers and can assist you in your holiday photo sessions.

With our custom-made outfits adorned with gold buttons and trim, leather boots and belts, you will easily recognize our authenticity to the Claus characters.  Our faithfulness to the classic Santa and Mrs. Claus legends,  gained through  professional training, knowledge, and years of experience will come alive before your and your clients' eyes.


When you invite us to your photography session you are inviting the real Clauses. So, don't leave the success of your holiday pictures to an inexperienced Santa, Mrs. Claus, or gimmicky character.  

Permission required for promotion of event using pictures of Black Hills Santa. Please link to this website or Black Hills Santa Facebook page, respectively, when promoting event.

  Give us a jingle  at (270) 748-3106 or Email:  to schedule

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