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Reviews: Our Magic in Action

Black Hills Santa
Black Hills Santa
Black Hills Santa

"Five                               s for Black Hills Santa...Everything about Santa was amazing!!!!Make sure to book him for your event!!!!! He is wonderful!!!"-Michelle E.

"If you are looking for Santa to come to your events, Black Hills Santa is simply the BEST. "-Amy H.

"You are so genuine, kind and thoughtful. "-Anne B.

"Thank you so much for attending our event! You were definitely the highlight."-Trista V.

"You are amazing! Thank you!"-Courtney P.

"You were absolutely amazing! My girls couldn’t stop talking about you! This has been one of the most special memories that I will never forget! Thank you so much!"-Amanda H.

"Truly the most caring, professional, authentic Santa. The experience was awesome for everyone, even our older kids said he's the best!  If you are looking for some Christmas magic for the whole family Black Hills Santa is the only choice!" -Jamie M.

"Best Santa ever!"    -Frankie BR.

"Best Santa! Very professional, arrived on time, and takes time for all his visitors. Santa talks to all the kids & also takes time to listen to what they have to say. Mrs. Claus is very good with the infants too! Don't hesitate to book them for your holiday festivities."    -Kristi F.

"He is the best Santa around. He visited my daughter at our house and made his visit a truly magical experience for her. She is still smiling and talking about it 3 days later. "    -Julie B.

"Thank you for visiting with us. It was a joy!"-Immaculate Conception Church, FSSP, Rapid City, SD.

"An awesome Santa!"-Karen M.

"You are the most Santa looking Santa!"-Jennifer M.

"My son is still telling everyone that he got to see you at the hockey game. Thank you for taking the time to talk to him rather than a quick photo op. You are the best Santa I’ve ever met. Thank you and Merry Christmas!"-Jordyn S.

"You were wonderful and instilled a magical memory that will live forever...Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."-Sievers Family

"That is one fantastic Santa!! He looks so magical!"-Kayla G.

"That was absolutely wonderful! Everyone is talking about how amazing you were. Thank you so much!"-Tara

"What a great Santa!"-Ashlee W.

"Best Santa in the Black Hills! Santa suit is spot on down to the Reindeer pins on his boots! Loves his enthusiasm and Christmas spirit! He was spot on with the kids, great communication, and was on time! Exactly what I hoped for!"-Shelly S.

"Best Santa around!"-Elizabeth R.

"I worked with...Santa and his lovely bride, Mrs. Claus...Santa was so good with kids of all ages! He was professional, polite, funny, and brought back the sweet nostalgia of what Christmas dreams are made of..."     -Crystal T.

"It was such a wonderful experience for our children! Santa did an amazing job!"-Kaitlin D.

"Very authentic and professional! I recommend him to anyone that needs a Santa!"  -Aaron F.

"This Santa is amazing! He was so great with my kiddos."-Jennifer V

​"What a wonderful surprise. You were great!"-Shannon P.


"Thank you both so very much! You truly made the event so special and...brought a lot of joy and holiday spirit to the Downtown!"- Maja C.

"Everyone LOVED you so much!!!! You are the "real deal!!!!"- Samantha W.

"[My son] couldn't take his eyes off [you]. I'm so happy we have a local Santa to keep the Christmas magic alive for my boy"-Rayne M.

"What a magical day you helped provide!! You are so kind and patient, and it's very clear how much you love doing this!!! " -Amanda L.


"You go above and beyond and the kids love you, we really appreciate that! " -Kristen A.

"If you want a Santa that truly LOVES Christmas Black Hills Santa is your Santa! "-Heather C.


"Wow!!! ...better than amazing!! He did sign language...!!! The Santa suit was amazing all the way down to the magical key...!!! Any other Santa won’t do after meeting this Santa."-Lisa S.


"The most professional and authentic Santa I've ever had the pleasure of ...experiencing. The kids love him, even the older and more skeptical ones, and...the adults get drawn into the magic!"-Megan E.


​"He just carried the gentle Christmas magic Santa spirit where every kid [felt] he was genuinely delighted with them..." -Carrie R.


"The kids love you!!"-Judy

"Santa visited us...he did an amazing job. My kids were enthralled with his detailed suit. Santa was amazing and...the adults had just as much fun as the kids!!...Thank you so much Santa, you really made our Holiday complete!!!"-Adam D.

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